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Troop 595 Upcomming Activities

Florida Seab Base High Adventure 2000

August 19-26

Coral Reef Sailing

Your home for a week will be on a large sailing vessel over 41-feet long. During the odyssey you will be sailing toward Key West and have the opportunity to stop and snorkel any reef areas, inculding Looe Key, one of the most beautiful reefs in the Keys and part of the Looe Key National Marine Sanctuary.

While under way, you will troll large lures for barracuda, dolphin and other large fish, hopefully to supplement the fresh food that was supplied at the beginning of the voyage.

Upon arrival in historic Key West, your vessel will be provided dockage to allow you time to tour the city. During the trip you will be moored at four secure anchorages that will give you a tremendous opportunity for star study.

So join us for the Coral Reef Sailing Adventure, Hone up your navigational skills, snorkeling and fishing all in one package.